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Mastery Level CEREC Course

All Things Considered CEREC Posterior, Anterior & Occlusion

  • Recognizing the Occlusal Problems
  • Selective Occlusal Analysis
  • Selective Occlusal Adjustment
  • Management of Two Step Occlusion
  • Cases needing Centric Relation Record
  • Anterior Guidance
  • Fabrication of Custom Incisal Guide Table
  • Kois Facebow Technique for Esthetic and Functional Information
  • E-Lines
  • Esthetic Guidelines
  • Occlusal Guidelines
  • Management of “Gummy Smile” Excessive Gingival Display
  • Selective Increase of Occlusal Vertical Dimension
  • Prep Designs
  • Treatment Sequence and Schedule Management
  • Stain, Glaze and Characterization
  • Layering and Add-on Techniques
  • Wax-up and Mock-up Techniques
  • Photography
  • How to Treat Bruxers
  • Immediate Fabrication of Occlusal Bitesplints
  • Shade Selection Techniques


  • $5,950 Doctors
  • FREE first staff member
  • $665 second staff member

CEREC Participants Will…

  • Understand the types of dentistry.
  • Understand the indications and choices of proper material for use of CAD CAM generated restorations in the clinical environment
  • Understand proper tooth preparation techniques for inlays, onlays, partial crowns and veneer restorations
  • Understand the proper delivery and cementation sequence for CAD CAM generated restorations

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