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Dr. Steven S. Lee, DDS

Hebron, OH
This is an outstanding hand-on course. Dr. Park has a true understanding of how CEREC integrates with everyday dentistry. I highly recommend the course to other CEREC owners.

Dr. Raymond Flagiello, DDS

Staten Island, NY
Dr. Park has an uncanny ability to tie in the CEREC software to its milling unit. It’s simple, accurate and beautiful. Great course.

Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Caccavella

It was a fun weekend. Great program, I really enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank you.

Dr. George E. Hanna Jr., DDS

Greensboro, NC
Awesome Anterior CEREC course. Tremendous presenter. Very easy to understand course material. Wonderful hands-on course. Learned a great deal of knowledge!

Dr. Keith T. MacDonald, DDS

Archdale, NC
Excellent information. Ready to do multiple units anteriors finally in office.

Dr. Lee Gaglione, DDS

Grand Junction, CO
Excellent presentation. Well organized, very applicable to CEREC practice.

Dr. Paul Roe, DDS

Auburn, WA
I really enjoyed all four days of education. The course exceeded my expectation and the hospitality was very personal. I will definitely come back to Dr. Park’s course again.

Dr. Todd Whitlock, DDS

Bloomington, IN
This course gave me the most individual attention of any that I have attended, customized to my needs. Dr. Park was a great instructor and host.

Dr. Geehong Kim, DDS, MAGD

San Diego, CA
I have attended the Mastery CEREC hands-on course taught by Dr. Park for four days. I really enjoyed the program in his well organized facility. I’ve never met a mentor like Dr. Park who had such profound knowledge and comprehensive skills on CEREC. The hands-on course allowed me to hone my skills as well as improve on my weak areas. I highly recommend other dentists who are looking to master their knowledge on CEREC to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best.

Dr. Frederick E. Solomon, DMD, PC

New York, NY
This course is comprehensive and exceptional. Dr. Park is a sophisticated educator in a state of the art teaching facility. Not only are Dr. Park and his staff gifted teachers, they are equally gracious hosts. The learning opportunity at SAID and the time spent in San Antonio were a terrific experience. If you have CEREC make this part of your practice!

Stacy Lewis

Bastrop, TX
I thought Dr. Park was great. He had some useful information, and some new steps about materials. I feel very glad to had taken this course.

Mona Williams

Bastrop, TX
I really enjoyed the small personal attention.

Dr. Jay Ahn, DMD

Duluth, GA
Very informative in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about CEREC training.

Dr. John Richmond

Dr. Park is an excellent host and dedicated teacher. It is gracious that he cares about sharing information to enhance one’s CEREC abilities. I especially enjoyed the “one-on-one” and “hands-on” portion of the class.

Denise D. Day

Hampton, IL
Our office has had a CEREC 2 and a CEREC 3D for over seven years. I learned that it was capable of more than I realized and Dr. Park gave several “tricks” that are in the program that we were unaware of.

Dr. Richard Day Jr., DDS

Hampton, IL
I’ve had my CEREC 3D for two years and a CEREC 2 for over five years. I’m very comfortable with all aspects of the 3D except quadrant restorations. This course really helped me feel more comfortable with quadrant designs.

Dr. Robert Grammer, DDS

San Antonio, TX
Dr. Park provided invaluable guidance throughout the course. His passion for the subject and for teaching made the experience even more enjoyable.

Dr. Charles G. Harger, DDS

Georgetown, TX
Thanks for an excellent course. It’s nice to have an instructor that shows the details in the manner you use.

Dr. Rick Friedrichs, DDS

Tomball, TX
The course was great. I learned several things I was doing wrong and can correct on Monday. The facility is awesome and the technology is outstanding. Thanks.

Dr. Alexander Leyte-Vidal DDS

Oviedo, FL
Before you do an anterior case you need this information. Come see what’s missing from your restorations.

Dr. Pedro Mora-Rosa, DDS

Orlando, FL
I totally enjoyed this course. Dr. Park is very knowledgeable about the material presented. The facility is amazing and his teaching style is very effective. I would come back for future training definitely.

Dr. James Mills, DDS

Daphne, AL
Very informative course. Dr. Park presented material in an organized, interesting manner. All level users need this course. Thank you Dr. Park and assistants.

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