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Specialized Occlusion

Problem Solving for Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

This course is designed to take the restorative dentist to the next level by implementing occlusal, restorative and functional guidelines to their daily routine to create a successful restorative practice. The participants can bring their own cases to discuss the problems and treatment options.

  • How to fabricate the splint (hands-on)
  • Guidelines for treatment planning esthetic and functional problems, and management of esthetic wear problems requiring alteration of VDO.
  • How to determine which Centric position to use for anterior esthetic procedures and why?
  • How to make accurate Centric Relation records, mountings and adjustments.
  • How to develop the Anterior Guidance and how to protect your esthetic restorations: (splints)
  • Preparation, cementation and adjustment sequences for complete rehabilitation and “segmental rehabilitation.”
  • Bring your own cases!


  • $2,450 Doctors
  • $995 Team Members

Occlusion Participants Will…

  • Recognize when occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand and communicate why occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand how to modify the occlusion
  • Understand principles of occlusion, muscle function, and TMD
  • Understand and treat muscle problems
  • Understand when functional analysis is and is not necessary
  • Understand why and how to use the facebow
  • Understand when and how to use centric relation bites
  • When and how to treat bruxers
  • Learn materials and techniques for bite registration in restorative dentistry

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