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One-on-One CEREC

Personalized CEREC

Are there gaps in your skills that you need to fulfill to become a competant dental practitioner? One on One training gives you the opportunity to learn a complete skill set to perform any procedure with the utmost confidence and skill. Before your One-on-One training, we ask that you list your requested areas of focus. We recommend no more than one discipline per day.

  • One on One instruction with Dr. Park
  • Customized course content based on your specific needs (one discipline per day)
  • Disciplines include anteriors, posteriors, complete rehabilitation techniques, aesthetic or occlusions
  • Work from an independent workstation
  • Breakfast and lunch provided, dinner provided for two days or more
  • Followup phone call to track progress


  • $2,665

CEREC Participants Will…

  • Understand the types of dentistry.
  • Understand the indications and choices of proper material for use of CAD CAM generated restorations in the clinical environment
  • Understand proper tooth preparation techniques for inlays, onlays, partial crowns and veneer restorations
  • Understand the proper delivery and cementation sequence for CAD CAM generated restorations

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