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One-on-One Occlusion

Personalized Occlusion

Are there gaps in your skills that you need to fulfill to become a competant dental practitioner? The clinical aspects of occlusion and dysfunction will be discussed in more detail. It is necessary to discuss areas such as occlusal anatomy, occlusal guidance, occlusal contact relations, temporomandibular joints, neuromuscular physiology, mandibular positions and movements, as well as neurophysiology. One on One training gives you the opportunity to learn a complete skill set to perform any procedure with the utmost confidence and skill. Before your One-on-One training, we ask that you list your requested areas of focus.

  • One on One instruction with Dr. Park
  • Customized course content based on your specific needs
  • Work from an independent workstation
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Dinner provided for two day or more attendees
  • Followup phone call to track progress

Occlusion Participants Will…

  • Recognize when occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand and communicate why occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand how to modify the occlusion
  • Understand principles of occlusion, muscle function, and TMD
  • Understand and treat muscle problems
  • Understand when functional analysis is and is not necessary
  • Understand why and how to use the facebow
  • Understand when and how to use centric relation bites
  • When and how to treat bruxers
  • Learn materials and techniques for bite registration in restorative dentistry

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