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Fundamental Occlusion Training

Understanding the Principles of Occlusion

Without a clear understanding of occlusion, everything you provide to your patient is “guess work” dentistry. This course will provide the information you need to know about the fundamental factors of occlusion.

  • Centric relation
  • Anterior guidance
  • Occlusal plane
  • Muscles
  • TMJ
  • Vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Freedom in centric


  • $465 Doctors
  • $165 Team Member

Occlusion Participants Will…

  • Recognize when occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand and communicate why occlusal adjustment is necessary
  • Understand how to modify the occlusion
  • Understand principles of occlusion, muscle function, and TMD
  • Understand and treat muscle problems
  • Understand when functional analysis is and is not necessary
  • Understand why and how to use the facebow
  • Understand when and how to use centric relation bites
  • When and how to treat bruxers
  • Learn materials and techniques for bite registration in restorative dentistry

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